From soft drinks to sports cars, every industry contains marketers vying for your attention and your wallet. The HVACR industry is no exception.

Our articlepublished in ACHR News, explains how to avoid falling victim to HVACR marketing gimmicks and misinformation. Take a look:

Trust in Data, not Marketing Hype.

“Refrigerants and HVACR systems are not immune to marketing hype. To cut through the noise and maximize your -CE/$, stick to sound engineering principles and data. Many system “additives” and “surface treatment” products claim to offer extraordinary energy-saving benefits. 


Those claims are largely empty. Tried and true conventional systems have been expertly engineered and manufactured to maximize performance—off-the-shelf “additive” products do not deliver significant added benefits.

You can read Spending “Green” to “Go Green” in ACHR News.