Low-GWP HFCs, HFOs, and HFC/HFO blends are helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals. In our latest op-ed, HVACR Industry Should Feel Good About Low-GWP HFCs, HFOs, globalFACT’s Jordan Smith explains how. 

Read an excerpt from the piece below:

“In several critical ways, ACTs enable businesses to lower their direct and indirect emissions and environmental impact. To start, ACTs make it possible for operators to take advantage of existing systems, reducing environmental waste as well as cost. For the price of one new transcritical CO2 system, a retailer can convert approximately ten existing conventional systems to lower GWP alternatives, reducing direct emissions by an estimated 70%. This cost savings can, in turn, support a business’ other environmental objectives.”

Read the full op-ed in ACHR News to learn more about the sustainability benefits of low-GWP HFCs, HFOs, and blends.