With so much information out there about refrigerants and changing regulations, it can be tough to separate fact from fiction. The Cold Truth debunks today’s myths in the HCAVR industry, including: 

  • MYTH: Fluorinated solutions are being phased out.
  • FACT: Fluorinated solutions are not being phased out and remain a viable solution for the long term.”
  • MYTH: So-called “natural refrigerants” are natural.
  • FACT: ‘Natural refrigerant’ is a marketing term; these products are industrial chemicals.
  • MYTH: “Natural” refrigerants are best for the environment.
  • FACT: The best-performing refrigerant will be different for everyone.
  • MYTH: GWP is the best way to determine environmental impact.
  • FACT: It is important to weigh the total environmental impact, which includes GWP, direct and indirect emissions, energy efficiency, manufacturing processes, and life-cycle impact.
  • MYTH: There is a “future-proof” solution.
  • FACT: No technology is future-proof. Products improve, regulations change, and business needs evolve over time.
  • MYTH: “Natural” refrigerants are cheaper to install and use.
  • FACT: So-called “natural” refrigerants all require the installation of a completely new system.
  • MYTH: “Natural” refrigerants are a more popular option for operators transitioning to lower-GWP options.
  • FACT: It is up to the end-user to determine the refrigerant that works best for their situation.
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