“For many people, refrigeration only means household refrigerators, refrigerated display cabinets in supermarkets, ice rinks and snowmaking systems. However, these applications are just the small visible fragment of the refrigeration industry which is present in countless sectors ranging from food industry to air conditioning, and plays a major role for healthcare, energy and the environment.”

International Institute of Refrigeration

“Refrigeration” describes a process during which heat is removed via a mechanical cycle. This process is used in many industrial and commercial applications. Common applications include refrigerators, freezers, ice skating rinks, heat transferring systems, dehumidifiers, and water coolers.

Modern refrigeration now offers higher levels of efficiency, reducing environmental impact.

New-generation, low- and reduced-GWP advanced refrigeration technologies work well for new and existing equipment, where solutions can be easily adopted by equipment owners. The best solution for the end-user will differ based on the particular type of refrigeration application.

Refrigeration choices are influenced by considerations of overall performance, safety, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

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