“Feedstocks” are raw materials used to produce high-value products.

Product stewardship extends beyond the safe use of refrigerants. Sustainability means that we must find ways to safely reduce the environmental footprint of all products. This includes minimizing emissions of feedstocks and maximizing yields and energy efficiency during production processes.

Feedstocks are raw materials used to produce higher-value products and are the building blocks used to make advanced climate technologies.

Feedstock applications are unique in that the substance is consumed in the production of the final product. In other words, these uses are typically well controlled at the production facility and are usually completely non-emissive.

The latest technology and best practices, including preventing leaks during storage and transportation, maximizing feedstock conversion rates and recycling of leftover feedstock, should be employed to ensure that feedstock use has minimal environmental impact.

Many feedstock options exist today to meet a growing demand for an environmentally sustainable product.

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