It’s not uncommon to see questionable marketing claims and product narratives in the HVACR industry. The latest assertion should really give operators pause: “CO2 can’t be patented.” What does this claim even mean?

globalFACT’s latest op-ed, “You Can’t Patent CO2” is a Patently False Claim in RAC Magazine breaks down why this argument is deceiving to operators using key facts like:

  • CO2 systems are more costly for operators, not less.
  • Pure carbon dioxide and R-744 are not the same. R-744 is not an endless, naturally occurring resource.
  • CO2 refrigeration systems, components, designs, and related technologies that are needed to make a transcritical CO2 system function can and have been patented.
Don’t be fooled into thinking CO2 can’t be patented. Read the full editorial here