We’ve established that there is not a mandated elimination of HFC production and imports. In other words, HFCs are not being “phased out.” However, some countries are already implementing HFC “phase-down” regulations. So, what exactly is an HFC phasedown?


An HFC phasedown approach enables each country to determine the best method to achieve emission reductions across all applications that use HFCs. There is no prescribed requirement in the Kigali Amendment on how to meet this target.

In an HFC phasedown, countries can achieve the target step-downs in various ways, including:

  • Setting quotas that can be reduced over time to limit the amount of carbon equivalent tons (CO2eqT) that enters the market each year
  • Establishing GWP limits on certain end use applications
  • Applying service bans or restrictions to encourage transition to lower GWP solutions in existing installed equipment

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