The adoption of low GWP A2L refrigerants for commercial refrigeration must deliver on safety, energy consumption and cost effectiveness in comparison to other low GWP solutions. R-454A and R-454C are HFO based refrigerants, both are blends of HFC-32 and HFO-1234yf. In an operating store, the R-454A (GWP 238) system is claimed to deliver efficiency improvements over natural alternatives with leakage rates below 4% for new systems at a lower cost to the industry-leading technologies. The R-454A system uses a conservative approach for the risks of the A2L refrigerant, with a technical working group designing the systems to meet the A3 (highly flammable) safety standard. The medium temperature system is under 40 kW in capacity and below the 54 kg charge limit required by European Standard EN 378, with the low temperature system having about 15 kW capacity and 11 kg refrigerant charge. One aim was to create an A2L design standard over time so that any lower flammability refrigerant could be used.

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