“With increased support [energy efficiency] could become … one of the world’s core strategies to tackle climate change.”

ACEEE, The Greatest Energy Story You Haven’t Heard

Boosting energy efficiency is a key part of globalFACT’s environmental commitment. Energy consumption contributes to CO2 emissions and, therefore, global warming. This indirect effect can represent more than 80% of a refrigeration system’s impact on the environment.1 Energy demand is a core tenet of environmental impact and overall sustainability. Driving awareness and education around this is key to globalFACT’s environmental commitment.

Increasing energy demands can have a real impact on our environment and the need to generate additional energy (e.g., additional coal-fired power plants). globalFACT is committed to promoting products that reduce energy use and educating consumers on how to minimize the energy demands of those products.

[1]Montreal Protocol On Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, Report of the UNEP Technology and Economic Assessment Panel, May 2018. VOLUME 5 DECISION XXIX/10: Task Force Report On Issues Related To Energy Efficiency While Phasing Down Hydrofluorocarbons