Minimizing environmental impact to combat climate change is at the core of our environmental mission. Our industry is at the forefront of innovating new products that meet society’s needs, while also limiting emissions of greenhouse gases.

Whether through bringing advanced climate technologies to market or acting as environmental stewards, globalFACT members are committed to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. We are united in a shared environmental mission to ensure that we minimize our environmental footprint.

This commitment includes:

  • Providing information to choose the most sustainable products and solutions
  • Encouraging innovative thinking with our environment in mind
  • Educating consumers on alternative solutions’ potential environmental impact
  • Identifying options to limit emissions of greenhouse gases
  • Supporting the reduction of the use of natural resources

Make no mistake — the products you choose can have a real impact on our world’s climate. Choosing advanced climate technologies can help reduce the potential to exacerbate global warming. This is why understanding all of the options available and the implications of the choice you make is so vitally important.