Daikin’s refrigerant R-407H is a replacement for R-404A in conventional supermarket applications. The German supermarket chain Klaas + Kock (K+K) took the initiative in January 2018 and made the switch from R-404A to DAIKIN R-407H in a supermarket in Epe near Gronau (Westfalen). K+K Klaas + Kock B.V. & Co. KG is a family owned company, operating 215 supermarkets centered in the north-west of Germany. The supermarkets are located within 150 kilometers of their head office and distribution centre in Gronau. Their 120+ truck fleet supplies each market daily with almost 35.000 different products. K+K has an internal technical service department which is responsible for HVAC and Environmental Services with a staff of 12.

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