“CO2 can’t be patented.” What does this claim even mean? Is it accurate? Is it instructive for HVACR decision makers? We explain in globalFACT’s latest op-ed, You can’t patent CO2” is a Patently False Claim in RAC Magazine. Here’s a preview:

The patent process is the seldom-recognized mechanism driving the new technologies from which we benefit every day, including those in the HVACR industry, such as new compressors with increased efficiency and reliability, advanced heat reclaim technology, and sophisticated control software and hardware.


What are marketers of CO2 hoping to signal to the industry when they claim that “CO2 can’t be patented?” They are signaling that CO2 is a less costly refrigerant solution. The unsound logic underlying this flawed conclusion is that, because CO2 is naturally occurring, it is an endless, uniform resource, and therefore its price and supply cannot be controlled by a single manufacturer. This is an illogical argument and a disingenuous marketing strategy.

You can read You Can’t Patent CO2” is a Patently False Claim on our website.