Marketers claim that “CO2 can’t be patented” to give the impression that CO2 is an inexpensive, naturally occurring resource. Why? They’re signaling that CO2 is a less costly refrigerant choice. We debunk this claim and more in globalFACT’s latest op-ed, You can’t patent CO2” is a Patently False Claim in RAC Magazine. Here’s a preview:


Maintaining a CO2 system is more costly for operators, not less. CO2 systems are complex. They operate at high pressures and as such require additional equipment to run properly: extra components to compensate for poor efficiency at transcritical conditions, safety mitigation hardware and sensors for high pressures and power failures, extra controls, etc. These parts and pieces are costly expenses that directly affect the bottom line. 

You can read You Can’t Patent CO2” is a Patently False Claim on our website.