Historic heat waves continue to scorch western Europe and the United States. On July 15, the UK issued its first ever “red heat warning” and in the past week, record-high temperatures were set in Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. 

For supermarkets and small grocers, heat waves threaten the stability of electric grids that supply power to stores. Overcoming a power outage and avoiding product losses is critical. 

That’s why many stores use refrigeration equipment that runs on low-GWP fluorinated refrigerants. These systems hold their charge long after the power fails and come back online the moment the lights do. 

Conversely, CO2-based refrigeration systems are not nearly as operationally resilient. These systems often lose their charge when the power fails, putting the supermarket at high risk of food spoilage and costly product losses. 

Having a reliable refrigeration system is valuable for many reasons – including helping businesses mitigate the impacts of a power outage. For more on this important topic, check out “What Happens When the Power Goes Out?” in Winsight Grocery Business.