Are you prepared for a power outage? globalFACT’s latest article, “What Happens When the Power Goes Out?”, highlights the unique challenges in mitigating a power outage when operating CO2 systems. Here’s a preview of the article, as seen in Winsight Grocery Business:

[In the event of a power outage] a backup refrigeration unit can be effective, but it comes at a high cost and may not fully protect the entire system charge. Another tactic is to store a system charge onsite. This too can be an effective solution, but it requires a technician and engineer to visit the store and recharge the unit, which adds cost and operational complexity. While every CO2 system power failure mitigation strategy is not right for every retailer, they all have one thing in common: additional costs for the business owner.


These costly mitigation tactics are unique burdens on retailers with CO2 systems. And importantly, these costs must be considered on top of the already expensive proposition to install a new CO2 system or perform a CO2 system conversion. Operationally, store managers are already faced with so many day-to-day challenges; the last concern they should have is how to maintain their refrigeration charge in the event of a power outage.

You can read “What Happens When the Power Goes Out?” in Winsight Grocery Business.