HFC phasedown regulations are already in place in the European Union, Japan, Canada, and the United States — and they are starting to take shape in other developing countries, too. It is important that HVACR professionals understand what these policy shifts mean and, just as important, what they don’t mean for the future of the industry. Our latest op-ed in ACHR News explains what HFC “phase-downs” are and why they are often misunderstood:


“An HFC “phase-down” is not the same as a “phase-out” that our industry experienced for CFCs and HCFCs as countries implemented regulations to comply with one of the world’s most successful international treaties – the Montreal Protocol, signed in 1987. In the case of a phase-out, there is a mandated complete elimination of the production and import of any single CFC or HCFC substance.

The phase-down of HFCs will not be managed in this way, based on regulations currently in place and proposed. Contrary to misinformation circulating in the industry and among other interested stakeholders, there are no HFC production bans mandated in an HFC phase-down.”

You can read “The Cold Truth About HFC Phasedowns” in ACHR News.