HVACR industry expert Marco Buoni met with globalFACT Executive Director Jordan Smith to discuss technician training in the EU. Mr. Buoni is the Former President of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration European Association (AREA) and the Technical Director of Centro Studi Galileo, a renowned HVACR training center in Italy. He leads over 300 HVACR training courses annually, and consults with the United Nations and European Commission on HVACR policies.



globalFACT has been talking with industry experts in the U.S. about the overall state of HVACR technician training today. Can you give us your assessment of the current state of training in Europe?


Since 2006, Europe has required technicians to receive certification to handle F-gases. In Europe, requiring certification works very well. We have half a million technicians certified to handle F-gases, and this increase in qualified technicians correlates to improvements in equipment installations and repairs generally. Equipment performance is higher, leak rates are lower, and grocers and retailers are happier.


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