System efficiency is essential to lessening environmental impact—and operating costs. Jordan Smith, executive director of globalFACT, discussed system efficiency and other important HVACR considerations in our latest articlepublished in Cooling Post:

“Inefficient systems consume more energy, resulting in increased carbon-equivalent emissions. Put simply, the increased efficiency of a low-leak system goes much farther in reducing carbon impact than merely switching to a lower GWP refrigerant.


Poorly installed HVACR systems lose as much as 40% of their expected efficiency. “The climate impact of this poor installation is double the impact of a properly installed system that leaked 100% of its refrigerant, regardless of the refrigerant’s GWP,” says Smith.

Finally, leak rates don’t magically improve over time,” he says. “Without proper attention, leaks can get worse. Addressing them head on and quickly will reduce direct emissions and, more importantly, reduce indirect emissions by way of increased system efficiency.

You can read System Efficiency More Important Than GWP on Cooling Post.

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