Jordan A. Smith
Executive Director, globalFACT

The theme for this year’s World Refrigeration Day is Cooling Careers for a Better World, an incredibly fitting and timely focus. On this World Refrigeration Day, we thank the HVACR technicians and engineers who made COVID-19 vaccine storage and distribution possible and kept our grocery stores and cold chain operating throughout the pandemic. The expertise and dedication of the professionals in our industry has never been more evident and important than in the past year as they have worked tirelessly to make the world better, safer, and healthier.

While modern refrigeration has been hailed as “history’s greatest invention,” it is the dedicated specialists behind the technology who make HVACR advances possible. As an industry, we must attract, encourage and develop professionals to deliver the benefits of refrigeration today and rise to the HVACR challenges of tomorrow.

We proudly join our cooling partners across the globe to celebrate World Refrigeration Day, recognize our HVACR colleagues, and promote workforce development within our industry in the year ahead.