Operators everywhere are seeking to enhance environmental sustainability without breaking the bank. In our articlepublished in ACHR News, we outline seven tips for making smart investments in your system’s sustainability. Here’s number six:

Avoid Hidden Costs.

“Operators using so-called ‘natural’ refrigerants are hit with a number of hidden costs. Those using complex transcritical CO2 systems are forced to hire expensive, hard-to-come-by technicians with specialized training. By contrast, technicians who can service conventional systems are much more readily available. 


Propane systems come with hidden costs as well. A large retailer recently reported on a new store using propane systems. The decision to use propane was based on its low GWP, but after several years, the store reported a 40-50 percent energy consumption increase compared to expectations and a high number of compressor failures. These hidden costs limit -CE/$.”

You can read Spending “Green” to “Go Green” in ACHR News.

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