A new op-ed published in Progressive Grocer provides a simple framework to help supermarket operators evaluate their refrigeration equipment: Safety, Simplicity, and Sustainability

  • Is the refrigeration equipment safe for technicians servicing it? Is it safe for customers?
  • Is the equipment simple? Can it be installed and serviced easily with minimal headaches, and for a manageable cost?
  • Does the equipment help the store be more sustainable? Is the system energy efficient?

Fortunately, systems powered by low global warming potential (GWP) HFCs, HFOs, and HFC/HFO blends – known collectively as advanced climate technologies or “ACTs” – meet these questions with a resounding “yes” across the board. 

For more on the unique advantages of ACTs for supermarkets and small grocers, read Tried and True Refrigerant Solutions in Progressive Grocer.