New scientific data is vital for informing future technologies and decisions that affect the HVACR industry. A recent peer-reviewed study published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics reveals new information on rainwater concentrations of trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) from the degradation of projected HFO-1234yf usage in India, China, and the Middle East through 2040. globalFACT’s analysis of the study is available in ACHR News. Here is one important excerpt: 

Skeptics of HFOs have suggested that the breakdown of HFO-1234yf results in appreciable amounts of TFA. Proponents of so-called “natural” refrigerants have latched onto TFA as a way of undermining the safety and sustainability of low-GWP HFO refrigerants when in reality, approximately 95% of TFA in the environment is naturally occurring

Previous studies conclude that TFA does not bioconcentrate in organisms or biomagnify in the food chain, indicating that the risk TFA poses to humans and the ecosystem is negligible.

You can read “More Complete Picture of HFO Refrigerant Degradation Comes Into Focus” in ACHR News.