globalFACT firmly supports a realistic HFC phasedown that closely aligns with and advances the EU Green Deal objectives. We are disappointed by the European Parliament’s recent vote on the revised F-gas proposal and believe it could undermine existing EU decarbonization objectives by limiting valuable technology options.


The proposed ban of F-gases in applications such as heat pumps fails to consider both current manufacturing capacity and the refrigerant transition’s impact on the safety, energy efficiency, and affordability of products. Furthermore, by initiating a phaseout of HFCs under the new revision the EU will limit innovation and technology options that have demonstrated a greater reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions than so-called naturals being promoted on the market today. HFOs, low-GWP HFCs, and blends are energy efficient and safe for their intended use throughout their entire lifecycle. 


This vote represents an intermediate step in the F-gas revision process. There is still time to seek balance in this regulation, and we join organizations such as the EPEE in calling for a realistic phasedown that meets both regional and global climate goals.