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Contracting Business: Preparing for the HFC Phase Down

“Any business operating refrigeration equipment will benefit from HFO refrigerants that will serve as in-field replacements for high GWP HFCs in existing refrigeration systems.”

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EFCTC: Published evidence supports very low yields of TFA from most HFOs and HCFOs

“EFCTC has analysed the most current, peer-reviewed scientific papers on the potential contribution of HFOs and HCFOs to existing and future TFA levels. The conclusion from these papers is that the very low yields of TFA from these substances mean that their expected contribution to TFA in the environment is extremely small.”

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EFCTC: The contribution of HFCs and HFOs to global warming is well characterised irrespective of 100 years versus 20 years GWPs 

“Energy efficiency is critical to overall emissions and lower GWP HFCs such as HFC 32 and the HFOs contribute to energy-efficient systems with their good balance of safety and technical properties…”

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Cooling Post: Ammonia penalties total more than $826,000 

“The US EPA has announced settlements totaling more than $826,000 with four Californian companies for alleged safety violations relating to the use of ammonia refrigeration.”

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ACHR News: How to Revamp an HVAC Training Program

“In a rapidly changing world, there will be some things that you just can’t cover in your training program. The next best solution is supporting continuing education with tuition reimbursement or covering the costs associated with pursuing industry certifications.”

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