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HVAC Insider: An Expert’s Take on “Natural” Refrigerants

Ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, sold as refrigerants, are manufactured in large chemical plants. In other words, they are ‘artificial.’ They are ‘synthetic chemicals,’ not ‘natural.’”

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ACHR News: Social Distancing Technology Solutions for HVAC Workers 

Employers across the nation – including those that work in the HVAC industry – have been spending much time recently determining how to move forward under what is being deemed as the ‘new normal’, in which concerns for employee and customer safety are paramount.

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EFCTC: EU Reports Decreasing HFC Emissions For Fourth Year

“For the 4 years since 2014, reported HFC emissions have decreased each year and also decreased as a percentage of total EU emissions. ‘In particular, it is worth highlighting that HFC emissions from refrigeration and air conditioning have decreased for the fourth consecutive year since 2014.’” 

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EPEE: Sustainable Heating and Cooling To Pave The Way Towards Phasing-out Fossil Fuels

EPEE, representing the heating and cooling industry in Europe, applauds the revised greenhouse gas emission reduction target of at least 55% by 2030 … a major milestone towards carbon neutrality in 2050. With buildings representing 40% of total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe, heating and cooling have a major role to play in achieving this target. 

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Cooling Post: New Refrigerant System Could Cut Data Centre Cooling Costs

Two leading Japanese corporations claim to have developed a data centre cooling system, using a new HFO refrigerant, that could cut power consumption in half.” 

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