Industry experts continue to raise questions about the viability of the proposed phase down of F-gas refrigerants in the U.K.  A recent Cooling Post article covering RAC magazine’s F-Gas Question Time highlighted remarks by respected U.K. industry leaders offering strong reservations about the critical flaws and unintended consequences of the proposals. As efforts to advance these regulations proceed, globalFACT believes a measured and pragmatic approach is essential. 

IoR President Graeme Fox and consultant Ray Gluckman were clear in their concerns about many aspects of the F-gas proposals, from proposed timetables to “an early ban on all HFCs and HFOs, the lack of training on flammable refrigerants, future servicing of existing equipment, the potential detrimental effects of the proposals on energy efficiency and the possibility that the proposals will prevent Europe achieving its heat pump installation targets.”

The adoption of flammable A3 refrigerants raises many flags.Technically we can change over to hydrocarbons on all these systems in many, many cases,” stated Fox. “But just because something is technically feasible from a manufacturing point of view, doesn’t mean that you can actually apply that in practice in many places in the real world.” 

A rush to comply with new regulations can actually make environmental impacts worse. “The likelihood is that manufacturers will rush to put things on the market. They won’t have time to optimise and the efficiency will drop. As soon as the efficiency drops, you’re going to get more greenhouse gas emissions from the extra energy consumption than you’re saving from a little bit of HFC,” added Gluckman.

A lack of proper training was also a major concern for Fox. “Don’t forget that the massive rollout of propane systems is a roll out of millions of heat pumps and split systems that are completely unregulated because they are out of scope of the regulations, which means technically, you don’t have to have any qualifications…. Any Tom Dick or Harry can install a propane split system under law. And that’s just crazy!”

globalFACT stands with the experts: Regulators must take a measured approach to F-gas phase down regulations and consider the full range of potential implications. 

For more information, read the full article in Cooling Post here.