With regulations changing around the world, HVACR operators everywhere are looking for easy-to-use, low-GWP refrigerant solutions for the long term. In An Expert’s Take on So-Called “Naturals”, globalFACT sat down with refrigeration expert Dr. Richard Powell to get his take on the benefits of advanced climate technologies like HFOs:

An Expert’s Take on So-Called “Naturals”

globalFACT: Are there benefits that HFOs and blends offer that so-called “natural” refrigerants do not?

Dr. Powell: The HFOs, and blends containing them, combine very low global warming potentials with minimum hazard at point of use. They are compatible with existing refrigeration and air conditioning technology without requiring major engineering changes or the adoption of more severe operating precautions than those presently used by the industry.


Although good working practices minimize refrigerant leaks, they do happen. The minimal flammability and low toxicity of HFOs afford much greater protection to the user or service engineer than the obviously hazardous “natural” refrigerants. 

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