“A refrigerant should not be selected based on any one single factor, such as GWP, operating pressure, [or] flammability.”

ASHRAE, Refrigerants and their Responsible Use

Advanced climate technologies significantly reduce total climate impact, and maintain or improve energy efficiency, affordability, and flexibility to enable use for a wide variety of applications and climates.

Advanced climate technologies offer solutions for refrigerants, propellants, and blowing agents and include next-generation HFOs and blends, and select HFCs with lower GWP compared to previous products.

For commercial refrigeration, retrofitting existing systems to work with advanced climate technologies is often the easiest, most energy efficient and cost-effective option to allow end-users to move more quickly to environmentally preferable products and to meet regulatory requirements. Retrofitting is the closest to a “drop in” replacement and can often be accomplished with little or no down time to the business.