Global warming potential, or GWP, is at the heart of the HVACR industry’s “green” conversation. Today’s operators know all about the pressures they face to lower GWP to reduce environmental impacts.

But how is the impact of GWP being framed? Lower GWP leads to lower carbon emissions. Across the world, operators are relying on this simple equation to make critical business decisions. If you use a lower GWP refrigerant, you can minimize environmental impact. Is it really that simple?

For many busy operators, the answer is “they hope so.” Digging deep into system operations to improve efficiency is daunting. But a straightforward directive like “lower your GWP” is simple. And simple solutions are enticing, especially when they are proven to work. Without a doubt, converting to a lower GWP refrigerant can help a business meet its environmental goals. But importantly, it’s not the only way to meet those goals. In fact, it’s not even the best way.

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